December 16, 2018

Ok, today…so you didn’t suck, but I am still lame. I’m trying so hard to find my happy place again. That place where I can be ME, ignite my passion for life instead of being lame and feeling sorry for myself. It’s not your fault, 2018… it MY fault for letting my 50th year on earth weigh me down.

So yeah, it sucks getting old. Eyeballs, teeth, bones and all that human stuff trying to snuff my spirit by failing on me. The mirror is not my friend.  The spark of passion no longer reflects there. It’s buried in my soul somewhere and I only I can find it again. 

Plea to self: Dana, WAKE UP! This is a new chapter of your life, find your new path!


I’m Too Pretty For Jail!!!

I’ve said this aloud many, many times (sorta jokingly) in my lifetime but basically it just means that I honestly try to do my best, obey laws while still being my uniquely weird self. And while a “free  vaction” with a bed near the potty and 3 square meals served daily sounds quite lovely sometimes, well… that orange jumpsuit and shackles stuff… nah, I’m good! >;-D

So when a police officer showed up at my doorstep with papers in hand, I was sure he was at the wrong house, right? WRONG!!! I was officially served a yellow carbon copy with this section highlighted (click to see full public court notice, if ya wanna):

The good news is this happened last week, the Thursday before Labor Day weekend. The stupid news is the law firm I hired last May *promised* they would help me keep anything like this happening. The *grr* news is that they were the first phone call I made after the officer served me and again, they *promised* to take care of it and let me know ASAP that I didn’t need to worry about an escort showing up with handcuffs, orange jumpsuits or shackles. I haven’t heard a word of assurance and confirmation. Oh, but do have time to email me invoices weekly that details about how very hard they are working on this case… go figure!

20 days, the court paper says and I’m pretty sure the local Sheriff’s office doesn’t count by “business days”… so now I’m over the halfway mark without confirmation from law firm that they are taking my case seriously. GRROWL!!!!




Hello again!

I’m back with much to “blarrgh” about so YAY!!!! >;-D

I’ve missed blogging (aka, venting my brain though my fingers). I have many notebooks of old handwritten stuff but I can’t read my own handwriting anymore, heh… it’s easier to type (gotta love autocorrect, lol) while stuff is on my mind. Carpal tunnel and arthritis are kicking in but hey, I’m sill loving my USB full size QWERTY keyboard!